Diplomatic Ball

First Nations

Many of the 565 federally recognized American Indian tribes in the United States have representatives in the Kansas City area.  Those are the nations—First Nations—that are presenting the Diplomatic Ball this year.
While you are partaking of the gourmet meal prepared by the chefs of the Sheraton, nationally acclaimed American Indian flute player, Terry Lee Whetstone will be providing background music.

The 2014 Diplomatic Ball

The 2014 Diplomatic Ball pic

The menu is described below.

By all accounts, this is going to be a wonderful evening. Please feel free to send
this website link to your friends, neighbors, and colleagues — that might want
to join us. And send in your reservations soon.

Ethnic Enrichment Commission’s
2014 Diplomatic Ball Menu


Description: cid:IMG_00221.jpg
Baby Lettuce (red oak, green oak, lolarosa, frisee)
with goat cheese medallion, pecans, blueberries,
blackberries, raspberries, cranberries tossed with
blood orange vinaigrette.


Seven hour Coriander spiced buffalo short ribs
with toasted ground coffee sauce paired with
roasted pacific salmon with huckleberry glaze,
roasted root vegetable Hash (parsnips, turnips,
purple potatoes, sweet potatoes, fingerling
potatoes), 3 sisters succotash.

(NOT PICTURED–Vegetarian: Beggars purse
filled with “three sisters” succotash,
peppadew coulis, quinoa timbale, braised chard)

Lavender scented goat’s milk cheesecake with
rhubarb cranberry chutney and raspberry garnish.

Ethnic Enrichment Commission
4600 East 63rd. Street Trafficway
Kansas City, MO , 64130